Is hypnosis for weight loss right for me?

If you have had trouble sticking to a healthy diet or exercise program in the past because you couldn’t seem to shake your negative habits then yes this is perfect for you. Becoming stuck in harmful habits—like eating the entire bag of crisps instead of stopping when you’re full—is a sign of a subconscious issue.

Your subconscious is where your emotions, habits and addictions are located. And because hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind—instead of just the conscious mind—it is more effective. A study analysis from 1970 found hypnosis to have a 93 percent success rate, with fewer sessions needed than both psychotherapy and behavioural therapy. This led researchers to believe that, for changing habits, thought patterns, and behaviour, hypnosis was the most effective method.

Of course Hypnotherapy can also be used to help with many other issues like depression, anxiety, IBS and even a virtual gastric band. Please talk to your Hypnotherapist for further information.

 What we are doing is changing your relationship with food.

We will be looking at why you eat rather than what you eat. Once you have changed your relationship with food you will automatically eat healthier, have smaller portions and only eat when you’re hungry.

When we were born we knew when we were hungry and when to stop eating because we were full. It was a natural thing to do, we didn’t even have to think about it.


It was only a few years into our childhood when eating became emotional. Do you remember hurting yourself after a fall and your mum saying something along the lines of “oh dear me, come on let’s make that better for you. Do you want one of my homemade cakes? Or would you like a chocolate bar maybe? And so the emotional side of eating began.

Suddenly you think eating a chocolate bar will make you feel better, it will stop the pain.

Another time your childhood friends have all gone out and not included you, your mum or dad says to you…”I’ll tell you what we’ll do, let’s get some cola and popcorn and we’ll watch a movie together, that’ll really cheer you up.” Now the emotion of comfort has been attached to the food.  And so it goes on for many other reasons. These programs are being written throughout your life.

Comfort eating, I deserve it,  I’m fed up, I’m bored, I’m annoyed, I’m upset, I’m depressed, I’m ugly, I’m fat….. the list goes on and on. The problem is that none of these emotions are ever really dealt with by eating. If anything the problem becomes intensified! Literally a much larger problem!

Social interaction can also be an issue, how many times have you been out for a meal with friends and you feel you need to finish everything on your plate? This again goes back to your parents when they would say “you can’t leave the table until you’ve finished everything on your plate”, or “you can’t have a sweet unless you clear that plate”. These are embedded in our minds from childhood to adulthood. They have never lost us, hard wired into our subconscious. But we can change these thought patterns using hypnotherapy.

A great quote for you to remember, and I say this often to myself when I just can’t finish everything on the plate: “better in the waste than on my waste”.

This is where the HYPNO DIET comes into play. Using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP & CBT we can re-write the programs that were written and actually remove them or change them. Just like a computer hard drive we can alter the programs and write new, more helpful ones.

Other diets don’t deal with your emotions both before and during your diet. It’s obvious when you think about it, why most diets fail. How can you simply just remove all these emotional fixes that food gives you without mindful preparation?

You’ll just end up on an emotional roller-coaster whilst on other dieting techniques or “yo yo” dieting. This is exactly why most traditional diets fail. Yes you might lose weight at first but eventually it will go back on again.

They are just not sustainable.

We experience many emotions every day and it can be challenging to understand what each of these emotions mean specifically. There are the basic core emotions of fear, love, anger, sadness, surprise, joy that then ripple into many others that can be tough to identify. Understanding these emotions – and the way they affect our food choices – is not always easy.

Life is by no means perfect and the more negative emotions of sorrow, sadness, anxiousness or depression sometimes lead us to poorer choices in the food we eat as we look to soothe ourselves emotionally. Choosing our food to soothe us allows us to avoid the true emotion which creates a temporary sense of comfort that can then lead to overeating.

This is a perfectly normal response that many people have to stress or anxiety. The HYPNO DIET will give you a step-by-step guide to stop stress eating for good.

Has anyone lost weight with hypnosis?

Has anyone lost weight with hypnosis?

Early studies from the 90s found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the use of hypnotherapy and CBT. A 2014 study worked with 60 obese women, and found that those who used this type of therapy lost weight, improved their eating habits and body image.



When it comes to losing weight, most of you will have already tried other weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Lighter Life, Slimming World or even personal trainers. But there may be one method you haven’t thought of yet: a hypnotherapist.


It turns out using hypnosis is another route people are venturing down in the search for weight loss. And typically, it’s tried after all the other last-ditch efforts have failed.


It’s not about someone else controlling your mind and making you do silly things to embarrass you. Mind control and losing control or doing something against your will are the biggest misconceptions about hypnosis. Because of how the entertainment industry portrays hypnotists, people are led to believe that it’s all for show. The Hypno Diet is more than just hypnosis. We add therapy and other techniques to help you adjust and change habits. So Hypnotherapy is Therapy using Hypnosis.


You’re certainly not unconscious when you experience hypnosis—it’s more like a deep state of relaxation. Similar to that floating feeling you get before you drift off to sleep, or that dreamy sensation you feel as you wake up in the morning, before you’re fully aware of where you are and what is surrounding you. When you watch a film and become totally engrossed in it, nothing around you matters and you feel like you are in that film, feeling all the emotions that come with it. You cry, you laugh you jump…this is again similar to being under hypnosis or as we like to call it “the altered state”


Being in that state makes you more susceptible to change, and that’s why hypnotherapy for weight loss is effective. It’s different from other dieting methods because hypnosis addresses the cause and other contributing factors directly at the subconscious level in your mind, where your memories, habits, fears, food associations, negative self-talk, and self-esteem germinate. No other weight loss method addresses the core issues at the root like the Hypnotherapy does.